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Lydia Winters from Mojang teaches Life lessons @ #GGM14


Lydia Winters, Mojang ”Director of Fun” just gave cool talk at Geek Girl Meetup 2014 at Tekniska museet in Stockholm. Her story was about her own journey ..”the thing I guess I know most about”…The talk addressed the challenge of finding courage to ”putting yourself out there”, finding your way and ending up in surprising places… Here are some life lessons, as shared by Lydia:

On getting experimenting online..and shaving head on a live stream! ”Maybe 100 people watched…like all my friends and family”…

Lydia_Winters_5”Also I have a degree so I´m sort of serious”…says Lydia on mailing Carl Manneh (CEO of Mojang) and landing first Mojang gig, hosting the Sony Ericsson booth at E3. ”Good piece of humble pie”, on Notch not knowing about Minecraft Chick.

”I would move to Stockholm!”….”It was the best blurt out I sort of ever made” says Lydia Winters of interupting conversation, and putting herself out there…

Lydia_Winters_4”I didn¨t know everything but I just started”…says Lydia on getting started doing Minecraft videos. ”I gained experience by getting started and getting my hands dirty…”

”I am like a completely different person now compared to 3 yrs ago…I getting more and more comfortable in being uncomfortable”. Lydia_Winters_2

Text & pics: Filippa Malmegard


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