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Vi utforskar ”Uncharted Waters” på TEDxStockholm


av Filippa. Idag var det TEDxStockholm på Rigoletto i Stockholm. Temat var det utforskande, snudd på poetiska, ’Uncharted Waters’. Inte mindre än 9 talare intog scenen i biosalongen, var och en med personliga tolkningar av erfarenheter av att ge sig ut och ge sig hän åt utforskandet av det okända. Till skillnad från de större TED-eventen, är TEDxStockholm öppet för en allmänhet som alla kan köpa sig en biljett. Stockholm Makerspace fanns representerat både här och var. Daniel Sjöstrand, som även startat 3Dverkstan, bjöd till konferensdeltagarnas förtjusning på pausunderhållning i form av en demo av sin nya Ultimaker (3D-printer) som surrade på högvarv när den printade loggor i röd plast. Själv hjälpte jag till med uppdraget att fylla på #tedxsthlm-taggen på Instagram, och husera en av talarna, Santeri Koivisto, grundare till MinecraftEducation. Från StockholmMakerspace vill vi rikta ett stort tack till hela TEDxStockholm-teamet som nu, med allt jämnare mellanrum, skapat ett fantastiskt forum för utbyte av såväl idéer som kreativ energi här i stan. Viljan att utforska ”Uncharted waters”, är något som vi alla på Stockholm Makerspace delar i allra högsta grad.



Text & bild: Filippa Malmegård

Talare på TEDxStockholm 21 oktober 2013 var (info från TEDxStockholm.com)

Lena Maria Klingvall

Lena Maria was born without arms and with only one healthy leg. She learned how to swim when she was three years old – and today she is not only the world champion and a multiple Olympic medallist in swimming, she is also a very successful singer, an author, a TED speaker and an artist in the Mouth and Foot painting Artist Association. Lena Maria was one of the first swedes on the TED main stage 2009, where other speakers like Bill Gates and Al Gore took part.

Katarina Gospic

We often have to make decisions that have fundamental consequences in our lives, even though we don’t have any basis for such decisions and we get no clear feedback whether we are making a huge mistake or not. Katarina, a former neuroscientist and physician, will talk about decision-making and uncertainty.

Alexander Bard

Alexander will pose a slightly odd – but surprisingly relevant – question: ‘What if the Internet is God?’

Anna Linda Hultström

Anna Linda started to question the relevance of using reductionist science to study holistic human beings, and found an alternative research methodology and a way of maximizing our creative potential.

Jacob Mühlrad

When Jacob was young he was very religious, but then he found that music fulfilled the same needs and started to study to be a composer. Now he sees that music is connected not only to religion but also to the foundations of the universe.

Santeri Koivisto

How can we teach children to meet uncertainty and challenges with curiosity and creativity? Santeri shows a way to educate with games.

Rahman Amanullah

Have we discovered a new law of Nature or is our understanding of the existing ones incomplete? Rahman will discuss observations of the distant universe that suggest that it is not behaving as we expect.

Ellen Sundh

Ellen has a long time developer background, and she knows the current publishing platforms and programming environments as her own backyard. With a strong focus on interactive media, Ellen has fought on the front-line of the web, mobile and social media. Previously to freelancing as Creative Technologist, Ellen worked with some of the leading interactive agencies in Sweden and UK, such as: Society 46, Great works, Starring, Dancing Bee And Digit London. With her interest for electronics, new digital campaigns has evolved from pure hardware and user interactions into physical installations effected by users’ online activity. Ellen was voted the 3rd most creative person in the web industry in Sweden by Internet World 2012 and was the main developer behind The Sound of Football project.

Ted Harris

What role and relevance does religion have in a secular world? Ted is a priest, philosopher and author who has spent much time pondering questions like this.

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